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Creative Piano Tuition and Music Theory Tuition.

Private piano tuition in Hampstead, London NW3.

Experience studying music with a prestigious, dedicated, fully qualified and young minded teacher at her relaxed and sophisticated piano studio in Hampstead.

Piano lessons for all ages, to all levels, tailored to meet your needs and ambitions.

Piano styles: Classical and Jazz - beginners to advanced. 

Creative and personalised piano lessons individually tailored (especially for children) with a view to keeping interest in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Music theory is incorporated within the lesson or taught separately if preferred.

Creativity & Excellence. My students are of all ages and learn to perform, listen and develop a life long enjoyment and passion for music under my tuition.

I offer an ABRSM exams preparation in Classical & Jazz styles and music theory Grade1 to Grade 8 and Diploma preparation. Students will be taught to creatively engage themselves and enjoy music.

Many of my students have successfully progressed to the levels mentioned above and achieved very high marks.


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Contact and Information on:  020-7435-0672



Piano Lessons


Contact and Information on:  020-7435-0672


All piano lessons are individually tailored to suit the student. As well as study, fun and inspiration play a key factor in the lessons, keeping the student interested and inspired, even when the going gets tough!

Who Can Learn?

Anyone can learn to play the piano, from young children through to adults wanting to take up a new interest . Children can start from the age of four generally.

There are no prerequisites for learning to play the piano, only a desire to embrace one of the most rewarding challenges you will ever decide to undertake.

Lessons & Practice

Lessons are held weekly on a chosen weekday once or twice a week.  A learning program will be put together for you, which will be gradually worked through week by week at your own pace. Homework will be set which will require daily practice ideally.  This may start at 10 minutes per day, rising as your standard progresses.

For children, it is important that parents encourage regular practice, spending time listening to their hard work and ensuring that adequate time is set aside during the day for practice to take place. An unorganized and rushed rehearsal schedule is a slippery slope which ultimately leads to slower progress, boredom and the piano simply becoming a chore.


Can I Take Exams?
Examinations in piano can be undertaken with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). This is the world's leading music examination board and accreditation is  universally accepted.

Whilst undertaking exams can be a useful barometer for progression and a useful goal to strive for, especially for the younger student, they are by no means mandatory and should not be looked upon as the ultimate achievement in your piano playing development. Becoming a successful pianist requires many skills, for which examinations alone will not prepare you for.

Music Theory Lessons

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Music Theory is the study of the elements of music – how they are formed, how they are set down on paper, and how they can be creatively combined.  It's not everyone's favourite subject, but it is essential training for the all-round musician.  Many instrumentalists who "pick it up" through their playing experience sooner or later find  gaps in their knowledge.Anyone learning a musical instrument should consider learning music theory as well. A firm understanding on the fundamentals upon which music is based will pave the way for your musicianship and other key skills, as your practical playing progresses.


Whilst music theory is  incorporated  at the beginners grades into the piano lesson, this is not ideal due to the limitations of time during the lesson for Grade 4 and upwards. It is advisable to book an additional lesson in order to cover the music theory as a lesson in its own right.

Music Theory Lessons provide a complete course from the level of an absolute beginner to Grade 8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London.  This is the definitive syllabus in the U.K., and others are similar.
Whether you are looking for detailed exam preparation or a more general study of Theory, this flexible system can supply everything you need.



Grade 5 has a special importance for music students, who must achieve this standard before they can go on to the higher Grades in the ABRSM instrumental exams.  Music Theory lessons contain everything needed (and more) to get them there in good style.

How Long Does It Take To Learn?
Progress is entirely dependant on the individual. Quality study time is the key factor to the speed of development.

To reach grade 5 will typically take one to three years, depending upon your prior music experience. Reaching grade 5 will unlock the door for students to progress higher in their practical studies. The syllabus for grades 6 and above however is still worth studying, especially for students wanting to take music beyond GCSE level.
Music theory is a universal language and enables players of different instruments, abilities and cultures to connect and collaborate. If you are considering pursuing a career in music, music theory should be high on your agenda.


Prices and availability

Lesson Fees:

Assessment lesson £40 (30 minutes - payable at outset).

Subject to mutual agreement/satisfaction (following the assessment) pupils/students are required to pay for 10 lessons in advance at the following rates:


30 minutes lesson - £45

45 minutes lesson - £55

60 minutes lesson - £65
Methods of payment: Bank transfer, cash or cleared cheque.


Tuition at my studio only (NO home visits).

Working hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. (no weekends).

Availability: Please contact me for your preferred time slots. Should these or any alternatives I can offer not be available or suitable I will add you to a waiting list with a view to contacting as and when an appropriate opportunity arises ( no commitment).

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  Contact and Information on:  020-7435-0672


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The students who took exams in the Spring 2016 ABRSM exam session  achieved excellent results.


Piano Exam results: 

Grade 1 -  1 Merit

Grade 3 -  2 Pass, 1 Marit

Grade 4 - 1 Distinction

Grade 5 - 1 Pass , 1 Marit





Theory Exam results:

Grade 5 - 1 Merit


There will be no lessons form 1st August  2016 until 2nd September 2016. Lessons will be resumed form 4th September 2016.






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Examinations in Piano and  Music theory can be undertaken with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). This is the world's leadingmusic examination board and accreditation is universally accepted.

Whilst undertaking exams can be a useful barometer for progression and a useful goal to strive for, especially for the younger student, they are by no means mandatory and should not be looked upon as the ultimate achievement in your piano playing development. Becoming a successful pianist requires many skills, for which examinations alone will not prepare you for.